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High Quality Guaranteed! Hampton Roofing in Surrey, Middlesex and South West London

Hampton Roofing is fully qualified, fully insured & eager to help! We have generations of professional experience and working methods to advise you on a solution which works for you. Hampton Roofing are specialists in using high-end, unique products. Call our team on 02030 86 86 31 to discuss our range of high-quality products and services!

Due to our family run reputation within the roofing industry we pride ourselves on being loyal and trustworthy. We know most customers would not entertain climbing up a roof so we provide you constant progress reports and photos of work so you can be sure your roof is in safe hands with Hampton Roofing.

We start by inspecting the condition of your building in order to offer you comprehensive and expert advice. We deliver professional workmanship leaving you completely satisfied.

Why Should You Choose Us ?

The first phase of your roofing involves comprehensive advice from our specialist staff.
We listen to your requirements and then propose different solutions.

Excellent Service

Let Hampton Roofing take care of all your roofing needs. From pitching to finishing, we can take care of everything in timely fashion.

Quality Guaranteed

We are proud of our reputation for quality. Attention to detail is what makes us Surrey, Middlesex and London’s prime choice.


We are highly confident in our skillset and we offer an assurance with every single job our professionals do, giving the customer long term satisfaction and security in such an important aspect of your property.

Trustworthy Business

We pride ourselves on being a transparent business. We will guide and update you through each stage of the job.

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