How Much Does it Cost to Install a New Roof in London

Roof Installation

In today’s fast-paced world, installing a new roof is no longer a mountainous job as there are large numbers of roofing service providers operating all across the world. But when it comes to determining the actual cost of roof replacement, new roof installation or any other roofing service, many people get confused due to incorrect cost estimation. According to one of the leading Chiswick roof contractors; there are lots of factors that play a substantial role in determining the cost of installing a new roof and replacing or repairing the old roof.

How much does it cost to install a new roof ?

The cost for new roof installation or roof replacement usually differs on the type of installation or replacement done.

However, the average cost required for performing a roof installation or replacement job is about £5000-£10000. When you get an estimate for roof installation from a leading Chiswick roofing contractor or a contractor in your area, you may expect that there is 60% of labor cost and 40% material cost involved in it.

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Other than this, we have presented a breakdown of roofing costs on the grounds of various factors involved in the roof installation and replacement.

  • Harsh weather conditions can deliberately increase the roof installation cost
  • Removal of worn-out material can put an impact on the roof replacement cost
  • The extent of damage is another potent factor that results in high roof replacement cost
  • The Pitch of the roof determines the labor cost and the time required
  • The different type of roofing material has different costs

Cost of various roof repair jobs

If your roof hasn’t encountered much damage and can last long with a small repair job, then it can be a wise decision to opt for roofing repair services before roofing replacement because the cost of roofing repair is way less than roof replacement. Here we have enlisted a few roof repair jobs and the corresponding cost involved in them:

Swapping six ridge tiles £130 to £250
Replacing six broken or misplaced tiles £50 to £100
Replacing one single tile on rooftop £65 to £110
Removal of existing roof £950 to £2450
Insulation Cost £350+
Fascia and soffit board installation cost £2,000+

Signs for you need roof replacement

Roof Installation

One important thing to keep in mind before getting into roof replacement is to look for the signs indicating that it’s time for roof replacement. Some of the common ones are:

  • Bald spots
  • Worn out shingles
  • Dark streaks
  • Curled edges of shingles
  • Last replacement was done 2 decades ago
  • Bad aesthetics
  • Mold growth

Factors that determine roof installation cost in London

The material you choose is one of the most significant costs that affect the cost of roof replacement or new roof installation. Other than this, there are certainly other factors that determine the roof cost. Below are some of the major reasons that have a say in the cost of roof replacement.

1. Roof slope

The overall square footage is also affected by the slope factor of the roof. A calculator can be used to calculate the slope factor, however, roofing contractors usually have slope factor charts that make the procedure easier.

If you know the slope of your roof, you may calculate the slope factor using a table or an online calculator. If you’re measuring the roof square footage from the ground, you’ll need to factor in a pitch factor.

2. Roofing material

The type of roofing shingles and materials you pick, or may be compelled to have installed based on your geographical location and local building laws or HOA restrictions, will also influence the cost of a new roof.

To fulfil warranty requirements, a roofing contractor in Chiswick or any other surrounding area may need to follow unique application instructions and/or utilize specific types of roof components, depending on the type of roof shingles you chose for your home.

3. Roof design

The cost of reroofing is also affected by the architectural style or design of a roof. Your roof, for example, might feature a steep A-frame, many dormers, or a combination of gables and valleys.

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When delivering a roof replacement cost estimate, a roofing contractor will most likely evaluate the architectural design, and you may hear them refer to your roof as “cut-up,” which means it has a more intricate construction.

4. Existing roof’s condition

If you require a whole roof replacement because your old roof is severely damaged, the cost may be affected as well.

For example, if your roof has a hole that necessitates maintenance on the underlying wood structure, this would necessitate more labor and resources. Water may have permeated your attic and higher levels, producing damage that must be addressed.

Minor roof damage may not be expensive in general, but substantial roof structural damage is likely to be far more expensive.

5. Waste Removal

Some roofing contractors may include garbage disposal services in their quotes, but any roof replacement work would necessitate the removal of old materials. Taking the services of a skip will often add £200 to your price.

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